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Office Cleaning Services in Omaha

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Omaha Office cleaning, janitorial services, building maintenance

If you are looking for a company that not only has the cleaning staff, cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies to keep your office or building looking clean; but also has the dedication, commitment and know-how to tackle any cleaning job, look no further for your office cleaning needs than Total Cleaning Solutions, LLC.

Whether its churches, multi-tenant buildings, financial institutions, dealerships, or warehouses, a clean office is a productive office, and by using Total Cleaning Solutions, LLC for your office cleaning needs, your company or organization will see an increase in productivity without affecting your bottom line.

Omaha's Green Office Cleaning Leaders

You want to be healthy and you want your employees or tenants in your commercial office building to be healthy too, so why not provide them with an environmentally friendly cleaning company. Green office cleaning principles ensure that your office building or commercial facility are cleaned in a way in which has as little environmental impact as possible. Green cleaning means your office is healthier and the environment is healthier. Everyone benefits by using green cleaning techniques.

Omaha's Cost Effective Office Cleaning Leaders

Even though our customers appreciate our thoroughness and attention to detail, they appreciate the cost effective cleaning techniques we employ which allows us to provide you with a clean office that does not cost a fortune. By establishing best cleaning practices, we can clean your offices in the most economical means possible. Cost effective office cleaning does not mean cheap office cleaning, discounted office cleaning or cut rate office cleaning, it means cleaning offices in the most cost effective and economical means possible. We don't provide the most cost effective office cleaning possible by cutting corners, we provide inexpensive office cleaning by not cutting corners and cleaning offices right the first time. Call us to discuss how we can clean your office, today.

Most Reliable Office Cleaning in Omaha

Our staff of cleaning professionals pride themselves on their prompt and professional service. And we know that even the best cleaning plan is worthless if it is not followed through by cleaning staff to execute. This is why at the heart of Total Cleaning Solutions' office cleaning services is our staff of reliable cleaning professionals in Omaha that will make sure to follow through on routine cleaning schedules and arrive on time for scheduled or unscheduled cleanings. Being a reliable office cleaner does not mean that we are just a quick office cleaning company, though we do clean offices quickly, it means that our staff knows how to meet cleaning deadlines by careful preparation and planning. When we show up our trained local Omaha cleaning staff is ready to clean your office.

Specialized Office Cleaning throughout Omaha

Some office cleaning companies have a one size fits all cleaning process. However Total Cleaning Solutions is different in that we can customize our cleaning process depending on your specialized cleaning needs. Perhaps there are security concerns in cleaning a bank, cleaning a daycare, cleaning a hospital, cleaning a school or cleaning a nursing home. Perhaps there are specialized cleaning procedures or cleaning regulations that need to be followed in cleaning a factory, cleaning a fabrication plant, or cleaning a medical lab. Whatever the specialized cleaning requirements, Total Cleaning Solutions can create an office cleaning program to meet your needs.

Flexible Omaha Office Cleaning

Depending on your office hours at your Omaha location, we can schedule office cleaning to be least disruptive to the operation of your facility. If your office is opened during regular Omaha business hours we can schedule our Omaha based cleaning staff to be available after hours. If your Omaha office is open 24 hours we can schedule office cleaning to be as unobtrusive as possible. If you Omaha based facility has noise concerns during certain times we can schedule cleaning during set hours or even perform louder tasks like office vacuuming during non quiet hours. And of course if your office security requirements require office cleaning to be supervised during key hours our flexible office cleaning scheduling can accommodate those cleaning needs.

Omaha's Safe Office Cleaning Experts

Insurance and bonding minimums of $2,000,000/$500,000 are a must for any professional janitorial company we invite you to verify that your office cleaning contract includes these requirements. Every crew must be trained to operate in very secure environments including your internal regulations and respect for Omaha regulations and the laws of Omaha concerning retail facilities, banking offices, and medical buildings (HIPAA). Cleaning crews are required to follow all legal regulations regarding employment eligibility before cleaning your office.

Healthy Omaha Office Cleaning

Your Omaha office will be cleaned more effectively by using cutting edge cleaning technologies such as Green Seal chemicals and micro-fiber mopping/dusting systems. Our goal is to not only make your office look clean, but to get to work and make it clean.

Commercial Cleaning

Construction Cleaning     After Construction Cleanup     Industrial Cleaning Services

We provide the best quality cleaning services at an affordable price. We are a company that can tailor our cleaning services in a very customized fashion to your commercial office needs. Serving Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion, Millard and surrounding areas.

Medical Facilities

Omaha Region Medical Office Cleaning Experts

Omaha Medical and Hospital Cleaning    Doctor Office Cleaning    Omaha Medical Cleaning Services

Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Dentist Offices, Clinics, Medical Labs, Assisted Living and Nursing Homes In Omaha

The medical cleaning market throughout the Omaha area is more regulated than other types of facilities we clean. Therefore Omaha's specific medical and health-care rules and guidelines are followed. These health-care and medical cleaning guidelines may need to be documented as part of the entire Omaha facility cleaning procedure.

Omaha Region Trained Medical Facility Cleaning Staff

There may be extra medical cleaning staff training required for our health-care janitorial employees and close supervision to assure the medical facility is cleaned correctly to Omaha standards. Specialized medical grade equipment, health-care appropriate chemicals, and supplies to meet the requirements of a particular health-care facility. Omaha's laws governing medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities may require you, as an employer in the health care industry, to provide your employees with biomedical hazard communication training, shots and vaccines for hepatitis, and instructions for the proper disposal of biohazard materials cleaned.

Medical Facility Cleaning Services in the Omaha Metro Area

In addition to general medical cleaning we can also provide doctor's offices, hospitals and other patient facilities with floor care, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and window cleaning. Omaha's smaller health care facilities like private practice Dr's offices, birthing centers, outpatient care and drop in clinics require their own specialized cleaning protocols. Larger health-care facilities like medical labs, public hospitals, private hospitals, children's hospitals and emergency room clinics.

Omaha's Medical Cleaning Sterilization and Disinfection Experts

Sterilization or disinfection is common requirement for cleaning most areas of a medical facility. Sterilization refers to cleaning with powerful chemicals that destroy all known microbial life. Disinfection is different in that it means killing specific types of pathogens and microorganisms. If required by rules in accordance with Municipalities in Omaha with either procedure we will be using hospital grade disinfectants.

Omaha Region Medical Facility Cleaning Equipment

We pay special attention to mops, cleaning cloths, and buckets. These items are to be cleaned every day, and sometimes after each use. Most medical facilities are cleaned using microfiber cleaning cloths and flat mops, as there is less chance of cross-contamination. It may also be a requirement of Cities in the Omaha Region or Federal Regulations to use a true HEPA filtered vacuum. A HEPA vacuum cleaner is necessary to protect indoor air quality and prevent microorganisms from becoming airborne which is of concern in Omaha .

Medical Cleaning Rules, Regulations and Laws in the Omaha Region

When Total Cleaning Solutions staff is cleaning a medical facility, they must assume that every surface of the physician's office, dentist office or medical office they clean poses a potential risk to themselves, the nurses, doctors, medical staff, patients, and visitors to the facility. Total Cleaning Solutions staff will follow the regulations established by the cities around the Omaha area, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) for mitigating exposure to blood borne pathogens.

Total Cleaning Solutions will wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes latex or rubber gloves and possibly eye protection. Wearing PPE assures that cleaning staff will not touch contaminated surfaces and also protects them from splashes and spills of contaminated items like lab samples.

Medical Cleaning Scheduling in Metro Omaha

Cleaning Metro Omaha's hospitals is a challenge because often they are open 24 hours a day. Large area cleaning, such as hard floors or carpets in the hospital, may involve blocking off areas of the hospital until the project is completed. The same holds true for public rest rooms in the hospital. Hospitals, Intensive care units, assisted living facilities and nursing homes may require mitigation of noise caused by vacuum cleaners. In these cases, quiet vacuum cleaners may be used. Many health care facilities are now requiring vacuuming hard surface floors opposed to dust mopping because vacuuming reduces the amount of dust and other particulates that can become airborne throughout the physicians office, medical clinic or hospital.

Low Cost Medical Office Cleaning in the Omaha Area

Our promise to you is to deliver the Omaha regions lowest cost medical office cleaning, while at the same time providing the highest quality medical office cleaning. We don't provide low cost medical office cleaning simply by setting out to be the cheapest medical office cleaning service, though more often than not we will have a bid that is more inexpensive medical office cleaning compared to others. Find out why and how we provide low cost medical office cleaning throughout the entire Omaha area without cutting corners by doing the job right the first time.

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Apartment Complexes

Apartment Buildings      Apartment Cleaning Services     Apartment Clubhouses

We currently offer the highest quality apartment cleaning in Omaha. We will clean your entryways, clubhouses, fitness centers, you name it. We also offer move out cleanings (make-ready apartment cleaning).

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Affordable Cleaning Services— We offer the best office cleaning in Omaha, Nebraska. Let our staff customize a cleaning service program to suit your individual needs and your budget. Whether you require daily office cleaning, weekly or monthly service, or just one-time only janitorial service, you can count on Total Cleaning Solutions for top-notch office cleaning services at unbeatable rates.

What We Do

If you’re ready for a spotless office or place of business, call the cleaning service with a spotless reputation. Total Cleaning Solutions is fully insured and bonded, providing liability and property damage coverage as well as employee bonding and all other applicable forms of insurance coverage. All employees are screened for your protection. Free Estimates Affordable Services Satisfaction guarantee We will work with your budget to give you the cleaning that you are looking for without breaking your budget. We are a locally owned company and not a big corporate franchise. We offer the highest most affordable quality cleaning and not just the cheapest in town.

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